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    Tripme ( is an international website and message board that educates the public about responsible drug use by promoting free discussion. We advocate harm reduction and attempt to eliminate misinformation. Tripme is funded by private donations and maintained by a team of volunteers.

    Tripme does not condone or condemn the use of illegal drugs. Tripme is a place for people to ask questions and educate themselves about drugs so they can make more informed decisions regarding their personal use. Other programs that advocate complete abstinence have had limited success, so Tripme anticipates that people will continue to use illegal drugs regardless of the potential health or legal consequences. We want to encourage people to take personal responsibility for the choices they make regarding their drug consumption.

    Harm reduction is the practice of taking reasonable measures to minimize the risks from drug use. Common harm reduction activities include encouraging people to exercise moderation in their drug consumption and to understand the purity or dose of the drug they are consuming. There is no such thing as safe drug use, but if someone is educated in the general principles of harm reduction, they increase the odds that their drug use will not lead to short-term disasters or long-term negative consequences.

    Beyond harm reduction, Tripme also seeks to educate the public about drugs by summarizing whatever information is known about a subject. Tripme aims to deliver accurate information in an easy to understand manner that emphasizes safety. We also try to eliminate misinformation whether it exaggerates or understates the danger. If facts are unavailable, then honest anecdotal stories can provide useful information so people have an idea of what to expect.

    Since Tripme seeks to reach the widest possible audience, we take a balanced approach that allows the discussion of both the positive and negative aspects of drug use. We believe that education and harm reduction are more effective than using scare tactics or exaggerating negative claims. Anyone looking through our site will be able to find examples of irresponsible behavior, but we believe it does not glorify recklessness but instead reinforces the idea that people need to be more cautious. Everyone is encouraged to candidly discuss past experiences and ask any questions they might have.
    This website is for educational and informational purposes only. It is your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of information herein. makes its best efforts to make sure the material we've gathered is accurate and up to date, you agree to assume all risk as to its quality and/or accuracy. All material is provided 'as is' and without warranty. If you are doubtful about any information here, you should double-check it through other sources such as those in our Links section or found on a search engine. is our recommended search engine.
    In no event will or any person involved in creating, producing, or distributing site information be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, special or consequential damages arising out of the use of or inability to use You agree to indemnify and hold harmless, its domain maintainers, server administrators, volunteers and contributors from and against all liability, claims, damages, costs and expenses, including legal fees, that arise directly or indirectly from the use of any part of the site.
    By viewing you agree that you are not an investigator, reporter, member of any National or International government agencies or Police force that intends to disrupt the community efforts at harm minimization and drug safety.
    We keep all visitor and member details encrypted and private. Neither, its owners, contributers or webhost has the right or ability to reveal any detail of any person directly or indirectly viewing this website.
    If you do not totally agree with the above statement you MUST leave this website now.

    Forum Rules
    Speak your mind here at Tripme. Make use of the right to free speech ... but following these guidelines so that nobody gets in trouble.

    Do not discuss the price of any drug on these forums
    Do not ask to buy drugs
    Do not offer to sell drugs
    Do not give out your contact details
    Do not post images of yourself in possesion of drugs
    Do not tell people where to get drugs

    Please think before you post and don't incriminate yourself on this website. TripMe is here so that users can share experiences and help educate each other so that no body gets hurt.

    This is an adult forum, which we endeavor to maintain as free and liberal as possible. Its simple, please have fun and stick to these rules.

    Banning Offenses (No warning):

    • Age: (ban may be temporary until user is over 18, if age can be determined.) To challenge this decision, then please provide a copy of your passport or Drivers license to

    • A previously banned member returning with a new account: Exception if its a person who was previously banned for being underage and coming back once they are 18+ years old.

    • Dealing: If a member attempts to set up any type of drug deal be it on the forum or via PM, including links to vendors' websites then they will be permanently banned. If in doubt: DON'T.

    • Spam: if a member is spamming the forums with the usual ‘get rich quick’ schemes with posts that are totally irrelevant the member will be banned.


    Banning Offenses (Single warning):

    • Abuse: If a member is causing offense to another user, they will be warned. If the member persists to cause offense they will be banned.
    If you don't agree with what someone is posting, fine, that is your right and that\'s what a discussion forum is all about! Just don't let it turn into a 'bar room brawl' - remember, attack the post, not the poster. Always treat people with the same level of respect which you yourself would expect. Flaming (getting into a personal rant with other forum members) is NOT permitted under any circumstances.

    • Asking for a hookup: If a member attempts to purchase drugs publicly on the forum or via PM, including asking for links to illegal websites, the member will be warned. If the member persists they will be banned.

    • Swapping products: If members are found to be swapping products on the forum, which includes any products sold in the store, then the member will be warned. If the member persists they will be banned.

    • Rape and BNP Sigs: The member will be asked to remove them. If they do not or place them back then they will be banned.

    • Shocking Images: If the images are clearly offensive, the image will be deleted and offender warned. Some picture subjects defined under this rule include: Gore, excessive injuries, mutilated genitalia etc. Use your common sense. The offensiveness of these images will be at the discretion of the TRIPME mods. If you're in doubt about posting a picture, contact a mod. Rules apply to signatures & avatars. If your going to add them, add a warning! Don't force anybody to see them.

    • Website Links and advertising: If a user posts a link or mentions competing websites or their own business /commercial websites, from which they stand to gain financially, the post will be deleted and the user issued with a warning. If the member persists to do this they will be banned.

    Offenses requiring temporary account suspension:

    • Avatar & Signature Sizes:
    Avatars are accepted on this website, however are restricted to 80 by 80 pixels, or 19.5 KB (whichever is smaller).

    Signature banners should not be larger then 600 pixels in width, and 100 pixels in height, and no larger than 25kb.

    Text with banner not to exceed 40px high and 620px wide per line of text to a max of two lines.

    Text only as above minus the banner.

    Any user who has an image in their signature which exceeds this will be sent a PM asking to correct this, anyone who fails to do this within 48 hours of receiving the PM will receive an official warning. If a user ignores the signature size limits, your signature will be banned. We reserve the right to ask you to change and/or remove your signature at any time, for any reason.

    • Deliberate and obvious breaches of copyright laws over TRIPME:
    The offensive post will be deleted and a warning issued. If this behavior continues, the offender will receive a temp ban of 4 weeks
    and further instances will result in a permanent ban.

    Other Notes:

    • Pornographic Images: These must have a Not Safe for Work or similar warning and should be linked to! Rule apply to signatures & avatars.

    Editing Rights:

    • Deleting/Editing Post regarding hard drug Use: TRIPME reserves the right to delete or edit any posts relating to hard drug use such as guides to administering heroin or crack cocaine.

    • Deleting/Editing Posts for products that TRIPME does not stock: TRIPME reserves the right to delete or edit any posts regarding any products on competing websites that it does not wish to stock for whatever reason it may be.


    ADMIN's decision is final in these matters.

    Please remember that this forum is not provided as right, but as a privilege.

    TRIPME reserves the right to change the rules at any time.

    By using this site, and any other site owned and operated by TripMe (, you signify your agreement to the terms, conditions and notices of this policy.


    Rules have been established to protect TripMe and its members against abuse. Use of TripMe for any purpose that is unlawful, or in any manner which could impair the operation of this site or any other party's use or enjoyment of this site, is strictly prohibited. Specifically, you may not:

    1. use TripMe in any way, shape or form for unlawful purposes, including, without limitation: attempting to solicit or obtain contraband substances or substances of a quasi-legal status; or information on how to do so; posting or exchanging any information on ongoing or future criminal activity, or any information which can be construed as discussing such activity; actively encouraging others to engage in criminal activities;
    2. post or upload any content that is libelous, deceptive, fraudulent, tortious or inaccurate;
    3. post or upload any content that is copyrighted by another, or invasive of another's privacy;
    4. post or upload any content that victimizes, harasses, degrades, or intimidates an individual or group of individuals on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or any other reason;
    5. post or upload to a forum any content that violates specific rules of that forum;
    6. register multiple accounts ("alter egos");
    7. act as an official representative of TripMe ;
    8. associate a third-party website with TripMe without authorization;
    9. interfere with service to any user or host including, without limitation, mail-bombing, flooding, and attempting to deliberately overload the system;
    10. attempt to gain unauthorized access to data, accounts or systems of this site, or probe, scan or test the vulnerability of a system of this site;
    11. use TripMe to spread unsolicited bulk mail (UBE) or post advertisements without prior consent from an administrator;
    12. use other Internet sites to promote libelous or slanderous messages about TripMe or incite abuse against TripMe.


    Use of this site, and any other site owned and operated by TripMe ( implies your understanding and consent of the following clauses:

    1. TripMe reserves the right, in case of violation of any of these policies, to take action to restrict or terminate your access to TripMe.
    2. TripMe will remove any content from its sites which TripMe, in its sole discretion, determines to be harmful, offensive, or otherwise in violation of these policies.


    Any links to Facebook groups, chat rooms, or other online communities linked from TripMe are not affiliated with TripMe. The administration of TripMe can not enforce our policies off site.


    Use of this site, and any other site owned and operated by TripMe ( implies your understanding and consent of the following clauses:

    1. To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the appropriate use of information, TripMe has put in place physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information it collects online to the best of it's ability at the time.
    2. TripMe will not share member information with any party, unless the member has violated the TripMe User Agreement, in which case TripMe may take all necessary measures to ensure its security, including publishing the information or sharing it with private investigators.
    3. TripMe requires an active email address for all usernames. Failure to provide an active email address may result in account restriction until an address is provided. This email address will be hidden from members in your profile settings; administrators can find out your email address.
    4. Any communication that you transmit to TripMe should be considered non-confidential, and you agree that TripMe will not be liable or responsible if information that belongs to you is intercepted or used by an unintended recipient.

    Rules are enforced by the TripMe staff. If you see a thread violating the rules, please use the "Report" button under the poster's name to notify the moderators. Try to be as clear and detailed as possible when explaining the nature of the problem. You can contact the administrators if you want to report general problems or violations that happen outside the forums.


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