Hey all,

first time hunting in NZ (have had limited experience hunting in AUS).
Can I have a hand IDing these I found on a golf course in the Bay OF Plenty?

I can't seem to upload images from my browser (TOR) so have created a dropbox file you can view the pics on here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/aevixf7ig...HQX_bEkva?dl=0
(sorry for the fuck around)

Anyway I have labelled the images mushroom 1 and mushroom 2 and have provided images of gills, caps, cross sections (of mushroom 1), stems. I am doing a spore print currently and so will add that on there tomorrow and update the thread.

Both mushrooms were found under pine trees amongst needles and decaying bark.
Mushroom 1 has turned a much darker brown in the 6 hours since i picked them, bruising brown, field mushroom smell to them, creamy/white stem and gills.

Mushroom 2 is pretty much the same but only bruises very light brown and hasn't degraded in colour otherwise since I picked them. The cap is also a lighter shade of brown than mushroom 1.

Thanks for any help and sorry again for not being able to post images on the site.