Afternoon everyone!

I have two mushrooms that I would like help identifying please.

mushroom 1
Height :3-5cm
width: around 1cm
cap: browny/yellow with a little nipple on top and ever so slightly sticky
stem: hollow light brown to white
location: found near forest in damp foliage, under the grass and foliage
see attached picture.

mushroom 2
height: 4-8cm
width: 2+cm
cap: darker brown near centre lightening to a light brown on edges.
gills: fold over edge almost like a store brought white button mushroom.
stem: light brown to white
location: damp rotting wood, damp pine needles

in attached pictures the pen is for size comparison, spore print is still being made so unable to provide for 24 hours. If the mushrooms are identified to be illegal they will be destroyed.