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    Default HBWR - what a gem

    Gday folks,

    Some dude I kinda know but don't really know/don't wanna know but may or may not know took HBWR tonight and said it gave him a hell of a wake up and good morning to ya, his story is as follows and take into account I will be saying it as if I am him, for effect but I don't even think I am a person mate, can't lock me up g tu meke righto.

    Now that's all cleared up.. so I fucking took 10 of these little kents cut em up with a sharp knife and chucked em in a glass of pineapple goodness because yolo. Watched ex machina which by the way is an awesome movie and highly enjoyed it while feeling the queezie gday tripping hello from Mr woodrose himself as he walked in the back door and open the blinds for me.

    Was very subtle but if you've tripped enough you know this great little fellow is deconstructing all the bullshit and melting the structures that keep you bound up thinking you're a real person in a real world with real shit to sort out and all that jazz.

    Hey nothing is black and white, one or the other it's a big mix of whatever the fuck life wants to create, we are all creative expressions of consciousness and everything is ever evolving and changing, moving and exploding.

    Old Mr. Ego tried to draw lines around some parts and spread this and control that and he does a good job of making me look for shit i don't need to feel better about myself but is it me? Or did Mr. Ego fool me into believing i was him? And Thurt I waz so speretuel wtf?

    Guess what kids! You can hold both fingers up and say fuck you to Mr. Ego! He makes your life shit, restricts you, destroys the things you love, trying to grasp on to shit and put borders around it hey we see you Mr. Ego and frankly we don't really like you mate best you pack ur shit and leave town. We were open for business but ur not actually selling anything of real value and if the cost is my consciousness then get fuckeeeed mate! Can anyone say fucking SCAM?

    Life is whatever the fuck it wants to be, through whatever form it fucking wants and all is accepted and all is fucking allowed righty fucking Ho? Even my swearing cunt, deal with it.

    Life don't care if you black, white, brown, blue, fucking rotting on crocadil and bath salts whilst cooked on P.

    Time to wake up everyone were all getting the same message come on keep with me down this little rabbit hole for a bit will ya?

    Life don't care if you're fat, skinny, pretty, ugly, balding, got marks on ya meat vehicle fuckin spots, half functioning ograns, cooked teeth, ass too big tits too small fucking shiet bone structures, can't get gains, how big is a big cockadodil will mine be sufficient? Are there too many freckles on my face? Are the teeth 2 shades too yellow? A few wrinkles appearing oh shit what's all this getting old bullshit?? Why am I never good enough?? Nose too big, bags under me eyes, fucking how much testosterone do I need? better limit the estragen what's a healthy diet, too white need a tan, tats are hot, am I a boy? am I a man? Am I a fucking person at all?

    How straight are you mate? How gay can ya be? can you accept maybe up can go down and spin right around and one min you're with the boys, having a beer, playing rugby checking out them tasty little treats with the perfect ass, blow job eyes and hot little skirts yummy yum yum next minute you realise the boys are pretty cool. You're actually attracted to them and they provide good times just like a fucking.. hold on is that a gaaayy thought????? Better put the walls up and crank old redtube jizz in my fucking sock yep I fucking know who I am now I'm a man!!!

    Hey let's be honest boys and girls. it's a big mix of whatever the fuck life wants to make let's just be happy we get to experience anything at all. Life don't care, life doesn't judge, life does what it fucking wants, no borders, no limits. infinetly, spontaneously just like this batshit cooked post on trip me.

    THANK YOU life!!! Sure is great to be!! What an adventure!! This is cool!

    For those who are fortunate enough to wake up. Guess what? We get to bring the message of hope to the people! We can be free from the slavery of old Mr. Ego all we need to do is see his wicked ways and acknowledge that we willingly go along for the ride but keep an eye on Mr. Ego!, he's got a few dirty tricks up his little sleeves and he knows how to be a little cunt of a trickster! But hollllld on he isn't even anything is he??

    Let's ask Mr. Woodrose! Wait, where'd he go now you cant tell me I made them up oh wait that's right I'm a fucking creative expression of consciousness creating more creative expressions of whatever the fuck I want this is great! But surely I have to put a rest to the fun times and get ready for work tomorrow got some big things happening making profits and whatnot and all that hoo ha.

    Life is a joke, laugh at everything!! Look at the people so serious in a hurry to get to where they're going.. oh wait that's me??! Am I in a hurry to get somewhere? Get something? Oh jokes I'm not a person WAKE UP!

    Wakey wakey eggs and bakey message from God coming through! 'Hey gday guys, see the whole Mr. Ego guy was a bit of a laugh but he's getting a bit out of hand we might tell him to GET FUCKED and all have a good time peace out' Mr. Ego, noone likes you, you got nothing I want.


    A perfect little expression of life and hey I'm a tonne better without old Mr. Ego hanging around! Look how much fun I have being everything and nothing lololll crazy batshit oh no just got stuck in a trip I better go take this seriously it's fucking up 'my life' and 'me' that thing that I am but that new promotion tho, that new job, that new car, that new chick at works pretty hot might try to own her ass and put my name right on her with ink so the boys know I am a man, I am a person, my diddlio can penetrate at an alarming rate of how loose is ur vandingo cuz them eggs drying up and tu meke children all over the bees wax.

    If you read all this mumbo jumbo ur a cooked cunt mate more cooked than me fucking realising I've been asleep all these years playing dota 2, ignoring my beautiful girlfriend and smoking dope to get spirituel but have I got a ciggie, shit better go get some.....

    Or say FUCK YOU EGO! Come on kids it's fun let's sing it together!

    Mr ego your time is over,
    We're waking up and feeling sober!
    Awful things you've made us do,

    Join me boys and girls we are all one! Not two, not this, or that, or up? or down or man, woman, child, father, mother nah nah nah stop the bullshit.

    Right now say it:
    I am life, doing whatever the fuck I want, whenever I want, how I want, you can't stop me, I am you, you are me, so is she, and he but not him tho...

    Good cunt if u read all of this hope u enjoyed the shit storm. Hope I'm awake tomorrow and I don't slip back into the ways of the ego YET AGAIN. But yeh I know he's a tricky soul and I accept he may just make me believe I'm him again the little devil!

    Psychedelics are key! They come in many forms! Get some in ya if you're ready for the ride cuz you just might wake the fuck up long enough to change ur ways! Don't abuse them though! Goodnight better sleep I'm coooooked!

    Legit authentic good times just happened tonight, what a blast!
    You ask why I live alone in a mountain forest,
    And smile and am silent, until even my soul grows quiet.
    It lives in the other world, one that no-one owns.
    Peach trees blossom, water continues to flow.

    - Li Po (701-762)

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    Default wtf

    Weed in NZ
    Fuck that was a crazy night. Reading this again brought it all back.

    If people are thinking about trying HBWR but are scared of the nausea/sick feeling, let me say that I ate these seeds whole and the nausea was similar to that of a typical mushy trip. It's there but definitely worth it imo.. I lost my appetite, felt a bit queezy and rushed to the toilet for an emergency shit late in the night. That was a small price to pay for the insight.

    This is a potent psychedelic teacher plant that can teach you a lot, not to be underestimated at all. Although my post looks like the raw rantings of a madman, I learned a tonne from this trip and if you're in this to explore yourself and the world, I would recommend. Many layers were stripped off and revealed to me with this one trip.

    Would love to hear anyone else's stories, will browse the forums now
    You ask why I live alone in a mountain forest,
    And smile and am silent, until even my soul grows quiet.
    It lives in the other world, one that no-one owns.
    Peach trees blossom, water continues to flow.

    - Li Po (701-762)

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